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where does meme come from.html where the word meme comes from in addition there is a species of moth known as the hyposmocoma mimema in the cosmopterigidae family one of the most popular internet memes of all time the demotivator meme has its origins in a company called successories this company was started by mac anderson in 1985, where do internet memes come from every internet meme has its own unique story the best ones literally burst out of nowhere only to mysteriously show up and take over your twitter feed facebook feed tumblr dashboard or any other social networking site you may be using within days of initial recognition by its first hundred of thousands of sharers, is this a pigeon meme what is it and where did it come from the internet has become rife with the meme of a 90s japanese anime show still the is this a pigeon meme started in the early 2010s , origin however the still truly does come from a 1922 short film called pay day in the first part he is seen as a workman on a building site it was actually shot on location on a new building in construction close to the studio having trouble with bricks the tools of his trade and an elevator which at least has a convenient habit

the story behind the phrase thats taken over stan culture, internet culture an internet meme is a concept that spreads rapidly from person to person via the internet largely through internetbased emailing blogs forums imageboards like 4chan social networking sites like facebook instagram or twitter instant messaging social news sites like reddit

he wrote a meme of course is an idea that functions in a mind the same way a gene or virus functions in the body and an infectious idea call it a viral meme may leap from mind to mind much as viruses leap from body to body when a meme catches on it may crystallize whole schools of thought, the word meme is actually a real sociological term coined in the 1970s by evolutionary biologist richard dawkins in his book the selfish gene and gave rise to a whole new theory of cultural evolution known as memetics the term stems from the greek word mimema to imitate and the english word gene, what does the name meme mean find out below origin and meaning of meme user submitted meanings a user from florida united states says the name meme is of english origin and means god of humor, no im talking about stuff like this boxxy is not a youtube meme yes her videos are on youtube but the meme didnt come from youtube it came from other places before coming to b and then blew up as a meme so actual source of meme is 4chan not youtube