The Myth Of Donald Trump S Beautiful Clean Coal

the myth of donald trump s beautiful clean coal the hypertexts is donald trump the antichrist 666 fifth avenue mark of the beast is donald j trump the long prophesied beast of revelation whose number is 666the bible says the antichrist will be a charismatic celebrity a big talker and a smooth talker he will convince the gullible masses that he is the answer to every problem he will claim to be a dealmaker and master , reality the claim that clean energy policies will wreck the economy is one of the biggest lies wielded against climate action the trump administration uses this lie to justify rollbacks that , why trump won president trump dear diary articles elections 2016 why trump won by brother nathanael kapner november 20 2016 dear diary many are musing on why trump won but first we need to see why clinton lost some say its because she did not stress what she would do rather than slamming what trump would trash while others say its because millions of democrats did not vote, president trumps actions yesterday to rein in the epa on a number of fronts involves the usual tension between environment and prosperity trump has rightly asserted that we can have both a relatively clean environment and prosperity but this falls on deaf ears in the environmental community

support this blog by visiting jims patreon page the washington political scene is looking less like the apprentice and more and more like the old marlon perkins wild kingdom show with giant crocodiles slithering down the muddy banks to encircle donald trump paddling fecklessly in his leaky , many ask if the trump administration knows about climate engineering the short answer is yes in january of 2016 trumps top campaign representatives and carsons attended a meeting at the home of a former usaf 2 star general who is in direct communication with geoengineeringwatch which was

biden sanders harris warren top dem 2020 field trump suggest 23 billion for border security is already available elsewhere trump acting unconcerned about bad border deal, when theres some real scores to settle why does the media ignore trumps criminal actions in syria well thats good for israel and the jewishowned main stream media has no beef about that theres about as much conflict of interests in the media as there is in congress these days , president donald trump and his administration are engaged in an unprecedented war on the press which began during his presidential campaign and continued into the transition periodtrump and his , donald trump did something in 2016 that was beyond his own pay grade yet probably is why he won the election trump kept taunting hillary clinton by stating she was not physically fit enough to be in office