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the buck stops hehris somewhere else donald trump meme.html it was harry truman who famously placed the buck stops here sign on his desk the meaning was crystal clear the president makes the decisions and bears full responsibility for them but that , trump was asked by fox news about the abortive covert mission in yemen in january that left owens and about 30 yemeni civilians dead including women and children, because as we all know donald trump is never wrong he can only be wronged the buck always stops somewhere else, trump the buck does not stop here the raid that president donald trump ordered on the village of yakla in yemen in late january increasingly looks like a botched mission


the buck doesnt stop here with donald trump 06022017 0542 am et updated jun 02 2017 donald trump likes to blame all his personal failures and failings on other people, the buck stops at president trumps desk president trump mike segarreuters regarding the feb 7 news article trump may be aiming to blame judiciary media for future attack

the buck never stops with trump realclearpolitics we use cookies to offer you a better experience and to help us understand how you use our site this includes personalizing site content our , president harry truman famously said the buck stops here president trump says he wont take the blame for the fate of obamacare, donald j trump realdonaldtrump june 29 2017 to maralago 3 nights in a row around new years eve and insisted on joining me she was bleeding badly from a facelift, donald trump sat in the oval office on friday evening in an unfamiliar position having to own failure fittingly perhaps trump addressed his failure from behind a desk in the oval office