That Donald Trump Even Exists Or Is Currently The President Of The United States Put The Sriracha Bottle Down For Two Seconds And Pay Attention To Sir

that donald trump even exists or is currently the president of the united states put the sriracha bottle down for two seconds and pay attention to sir the 50 funniest donald trump memes of all time gallery seriously internet its kinda shocking that you dont even seem to be aware thatdonald trump even exists or is currently the president of the united states put the sriracha bottle down for two seconds and pay attention to sir trumps a lot would you, at a campaign rally in alabama president donald trump said the world is starting to respect the united states of america again surveys suggest otherwise the pew global attitudes project found that citizens in 35 out of 37 countries have less confidence in trump than they did in former president obama in some cases far less confidence, donald trump is destroying the united states standing in the world and the dictators couldnt be happier even longstanding us allies no longer have faith in the white house there are four global powers that can meaningfully shape world affairs the united states the european union china and russia, donald trump sworn in as 45th president of the united states a top issues section of the white house website moved priorities of the obama administration including civil rights climate change and the iran nuclear deal to an archival website and replaced them with headings such as america first energy plan


donald trump the last president of these united states america may fracture and descend into civil war monday january 30 2017 by president trump could declare a national emergency and halt the divisive propaganda of the leftwing media by decree with a phased return to a free press after the communist subversives have been , help continue our promise to make america great again

donald j trump is at united nations september 19 2017 new york ny as president of the united states of america i will always put americafirst , donald trump became president of the united states on january 20 2017 nine days in and his highly controversial executive order banning people from seven muslimmajority countries from entering the us as well as banning refugees from syria entering indefinitely has resulted in a global backlash, the jobs president who cant even fill government posts one of many topics reich discusses former labor secretary and political pundit robert reich wrote an amazing post today on facebook, trump is unfit to be president of the united states it seems to represent a coarsening of culture that has been encouraged by the actions and language of president donald trump also on july 4 national public radio did a recitation of the declaration of independence npr has been doing this recitation on the holiday for a number of years