St Nicholas Day

Find st nicholas day on saint nicholas day observed on december 6 in western christian countries hungary and romania december 5 in the netherlands and december 19 in eastern christian countries is the feast day of saint nicholas, celebrate st nicholas day children in families who celebrate st nicholas day receive treats including candy cookies small toys or fruit in stockings socks shoes or bags on december 6 some churches have special services dedicated to the feast of st nicholas on this day public life st nicholas day is an observance and not a federal public holiday in the us, this is perhaps the most fun tradition and one i hope youll consider starting in your own area in the spirit of st nicholas day we start a traveling christmas st nicholas or angel tradition to spark generosity all over our area heres how it works get some kind of small st nicholas statue or angel statue

10 Ways To Celebrate Saint Nicholas Day

st nicholas day is today yes there really was a christian saint nicholas yes there really was a christian saint nicholas he lived in the country of greece just a couple hundred years after the birth of christ

st nicholas day is a religious observance but not a nationwide public holiday in countries such as australia canada the united kingdom and the united states background the legendary figure of st nicholas is derived from nicholas of myra who officiated as a bishop in 4th century greece, in many places st nicholas is the main gift giver his feast day st nicholas day is december 6 which falls early in the advent season some places he arrives in the middle of november and moves about the countryside visiting schools and homes to find out if children have been good, st nicholas day feast day december 6 of st nicholas the 4thcentury bishop of myra st nicholas is the patron saint of russia and greece of a number of cities and of sailors and children among many other groups and was noted for his generosity some countries celebrate st nicholas day on december 5

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