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putin meme the people of the us had quite a few reactions to donald trumps summit with vladimir putin in helsinki finland but none was quite as good as the avengers infinity war meme shared by , happy meme day president putin jump to media player as russias leader turns 65 a new exhibition in moscow celebrates him in meme form, the bomb voronezh meme also hits at the hypocrisy of top kremlin officials and proputin oligarchs whose kids work or study in western capitals, president donald trump reportedly ignored the allcaps do not congratulate warning from his advisors on tuesday and congratulated russian president vladimir putin for winning an election

president obama congratulated vladimir putin for russias election results in 2012 a diplomatic move for which president trump was criticized in 2018 on 20 march 2018 president donald trump was , president trump met president putin in a longawaited summit which has since dominated international headlines their meeting comes in the middle of a lengthy fbi investigation into allegations that putin meddled in the 2016 us election claims which putin has vehemently denied nestled in among the chaos and conversation was a formal meeting between the two which spawned an

vladimir putins death star russians mock presidents new nuclear weapons in meme craze, russia has banned a picture depicting president vladimir putin as a potentially gay clown russian news outlets are having trouble reporting exactly which image of the internets many putingay , washington ap president donald trump says russian president vladimir putin made an incredible offer of law enforcement collaboration during the leaders oneonone summit, war is raging over an image showing president barack obama staring down his russian counterpart vladimir putin some redditors transformed the pair into sparring boxers while others reimagined

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