President Trump Wows With Stunning Forty Five Minute Drum.html

president trump wows with stunning forty five minute drum.html mr trump accepted on the spot stunning not only mr chung and the other highlevel south koreans who were with him but also the phalanx of american officials who were gathered in the oval office those officials thought the president would take more time to discuss such a decision with them first, fortyfive percent of the msm is simply suspicious of president trump fortyfive percent outright hate him ten percent will adopt the appropriate wait and see and report attitude


president trumps 50percent approval rating shows that most likely voters are happy with his job performance which is 5 percentage points higher than obamas approval rating of 45 percent on , after the 2016 election here is the newest song naming all 45 us presidents including our newest presidentelect donald trump weve elected fortyfive so heres a list that raggs devised

president donald trump said wednesday that he may have previously heard about his son and top campaign staff meeting with a russian lawyer in june 2016 a stunning contradiction of his earlier statements on the matter, a vote for claire mccaskill is a vote for schumer pelosi waters and their socialist agenda claire voted in favor of deadly sanctuary cities she would rather protect criminal aliens than american citizens which is why she needs to be voted out of office