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lauren bush who will go by the name lauren bushlauren is the daughter of the 43rd presidents brother neil who reportedly walked her down the aisle along with the brides mother sharon , lauren pierce bush born june 25 1984 also known as lauren bush lauren is the ceo and cofounder of feed projects she is also known for her previous career as a fashion model and designer she is a daughter of neil bush and sharon bush née smith

lauren pierce bush is the daughter of president george hw bushs son neil bush and neils first wife sharon smith bush she has two siblings ashley walker bush and pierce bush, lauren bush laurens father neil bush posted on facebook they birth of their new grandson is the circle of life god is good david and lauren bush lauren have another son james 2, lauren bush lauren has a demeanor that makes you want to stand near her just to soak up the good vibes she exudes kindness and grace so its no surprise shes found such philanthropic success with feed the social business she founded in 2007 after traveling the world and witnessing the effects of hunger first hand, bush lauren 33 who is closely related to two former presidents lives in the west village with her husband david lauren 45 who is an executive with ralph lauren and their son james lauren