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japan memes japan memes 994 results oh japan 1 featured 4 years ago by lonepotato follow like 2580 comment 202 share tweet oh japan 2 featured 4 years ago by lonepotato follow like 2058 comment 142 share tweet godzilla the only reason why japan should put alot of money into its army featured about a year ago by kickassia follow , japan memes scrubscribe httpsgooglvunppi thanks for watching my latest poland country meme compilation these memes are pg friendly as always, every country has a reputation for something and if these funny japan memes prove anything its that the land of rising sun is a really weird place whether its a good meanwhile in japan meme if these 30 hilarious japan memes prove anything its that the land of the rising sun truly is weird, japanese memes updated daily for more funny memes check our homepage menu featured recent top hall of fame userbase feed contact us japanese game shows in a nutshell eat this horses rectum or get slapped in the nuts a zillion timeswhich will you choose featured 4 years ago by unknownjedi


japanese meme is not like americans meme like pictures and large text over them we generally use aa アスキーアート for example お前は何を言ってるんだ what the hell are you talking about is a japanese meme which is like american picture meme, the video gained some attention but it wasnt until toyota hired osamu to do a parody commercial in 2013 that the videos went viral and osamas catchphrase rapidly became one of the most popular memes of the year

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