If Donald Trump Wanted Hillary Clinton To Get Locked Up He.html

if donald trump wanted hillary clinton to get locked up he.html get an adfree experience with special benefits and directly support reddit, the second presidential debate donald trump threatens to lock up hillary clinton the legal battle over donald trumps emergency declaration could be a long one, donald trump says hes frustrated sad that he cant lock up hillary clinton as he promised in campaign in a thursday afternoon radio interview donald trump bemoaned the fact that given his position in the countrys top job he is not allowed to force the united states justice department to prosecute hillary clinton, donald trump backtracks on vow to lock up hillary clinton over emails it marks a break with what had been a major promise during his election campaign kellyanne conway who managed mr trumps campaign said the billionaire wanted to hep his former rival heal she said he doesnt wish to pursue these charges


presidentelect donald trumps supporters often chanted lock her up when he discussed his opponent hillary clinton at campaign rallies but despite repeatedly promising to appoint a special , a version of this article appears in print on on page a1 of the new york edition with the headline donald trump drops threat of new hillary clinton investigation

trump had asked james comey the former director of the fbi to drop an inquiry into a man trump now says he knew lied to the bureau which brings us to saturday night live , donald trump ventured into new political territory on friday when he told supporters in colorado springs that his opponent hillary clinton should be thrown in jail, presidentelect trump on former rival hillary clinton dont lock her up to usa todays thing to do for trump donald trump doesnt want to enter office with the lowest approval , whatever you think of donald trump i dont believe he really thinks he would put hillary clinton in jail the president has no authority to jail people and people in her position dont normally get sent to jail for first offenses conservative lobbyist curt levey told the guardian