If Donald Trump Wanted Hillary Clinton To Get Locked Up He.html

if donald trump wanted hillary clinton to get locked up he.html donald trump backtracks on vow to lock up hillary clinton over emails save hillary clinton will not face any more demands by donald trump that she go to jail an adviser of the presidentelect , if donald trump wanted hillary clinton locked up he should have hired her to work on his campaign 151 am 6 dec 2018 7457 retweets if potus really wanted hillaryclinton locked up he should have hired her for his campaign 1 reply 1 retweet 5 likes reply 1 retweet 1, after threatening for months on the campaign trail in 2016 that america would see hillary clinton locked up if he won the presidency donald trump seems to have made an attempt to do just that earlier this year along with former fbi director james comey, karma police snls hillary clinton haunts and taunts donald trump lock him up saturday night live opened with a nod to a christmas carol with alec baldwins trump met by


when some in the crowd at a donald trump rally in wilkesbarre pa started chanting lock her up about hillary clinton on oct 10 the republican presidential nominee replied lock her up is , donald trump is starting to agree hillary clinton should be locked up donald trump regularly incites political violence and donald trump is starting to agree hillary clinton should be

trump should lock hillary clinton up or stop using her to deflect from the russia investigation interference in the election or donald trump jrs newly uncovered meeting with russians who , as donald trump supporters demand he lock up hillary clinton will new us president prosecute his rival his campaign manager refused to rule out the appointment of a prosecutor to investigate , watch hillary squirm when trump threatens hell have special prosecutor lock her up the next news network watch the second presidential debate between donald trump and hillary clinton , whatever you think of donald trump i dont believe he really thinks he would put hillary clinton in jail the president has no authority to jail people and people in her position dont normally get sent to jail for first offenses conservative lobbyist curt levey told the guardian