Drake New Album Meme

Find drake new album meme on drake breaks character only once on his new 25song 90minute double album scorpion it comes on the last track march 14 which addresses at length the fact that the 31yearold , drake has released his fifth studio album scorpion a twodisc 25track release that clocks in at a daunting 90 minutes it comes with a pretty hilarious cover which has a throwback feel and , jenny lewis on new album on the line i wanted to shed the rainbow, kanye west calls out drake for threatening him during feud


its been too long since our last dance craze if anyone could ignite the meme furor that the whip the dab and the nae nae could its drake whether you call it theshiggy the in my feelings , drakes in your feelings is the latest track to get the genius song stories treatment where lyrics are broken down giving fans a deeper understanding of the song the song is part of

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