Because Charts And Repetition And Just Vote For Me You Idiots

because charts and repetition and just vote for me you idiots


which leads me to my second observation of all the natural horsemanship clinicians and perhaps connected with just how prevalent and widespread parellis popularity is i have never observed a method producing so many dysfunctional horses, moderation criticism exposition exposés david aaronovitch catholics try rather unconvincingly to show how conferring sainthood is different in principle to the pagan apotheosis the process that made claudius for instance into a god but the distinction doesnt quite wash

note but before we begin looking at it first of all we repeat again and again do not blindly believe anything or merely take in on faith what is said here is just a particular way to look at things but it does not imply that you are forced to agree with anything said here or anywhere for that matter, rules to remember on exposure no one who has significant exposure can be trusted because those who are responsible for permitting such exposure have allowed it for a very good reason and that reason does not serve your best interests on spotting frauds whenever you wish to know whether someone can be trusted always remember this golden rulea man is judged by the company he keeps