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what was the origin of the meme where batman slaps robin ask question 62 i have seen the meme of batman slapping robin so many times i really want to know the origin of it when did it occur in the comics and why did he even slap him where is this batman meme picture from 4 are there any alternative origin stories for batman 16, batman slapping robin meme 131 total trending big foot jokes bridge puns ford vs chevy jokes funny birthday wishes sister funny office images mexican word of the day jokes short people jokes one liners turning 30 jokes recent tags school humor 1 water jokes 1 lemon jokes 1 , coffee meme coffee humor funny meme batman and robin espresso what others are saying 15 epic batman slapping robin memes that will have you laughing like crazy browse the best of our my parents are dead batman slapping robin image gallery and vote for your favorite vintage batman comic regarding snow falling in april, meme status confirmed year 1965 origin 1965s worlds finest 153 tags batman superhero about batman slapping robin also known as my parents are dead is an exploitable image of the dc comics superhero batman slapping his protégé robin in midconversation taken from a comic book published in 1965 the singlepanel illustration has inspired a series of parodies featuring custom